Why Dictation?

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  1. Melisa says:

    I really enjoyed reading this–thanks! I use simple dictations frequently in my teaching but you’ve given some new ideas I’d like to try.

  2. sirrosdi says:

    I am currently on the lookout of materials especially statistical research materials leading to “Why Dictation is a neccesity in an English classroom”.I see that in Malaysian Education system,there is no emphasis for students to take up seriously communicative english.Many students are only taught on how to pass examination by filling up the objective answers.Ofcourse some parts are subjective yet the answers required is pretty simple and not much of critical and analytical thinking are required.
    I see the importance of dictation to be taken seriously by the school administrators so that we can produce graduates with sufficient knowledge to communicate correctly with their peers and others.Most importantly they are on the right track with good grammars,ability to express freely and need not speak with “rojak”(mixture of mother tongue and broken english)language.
    The effort to push dictation to a higher level must be commended.

  3. Claudio Macamo says:

    I have tought English for over 8 years now. All this long I had learned that in Mozambique student centred classes were almost impossible: Students are doing English to fulfil the requirements to get a degree. A teacher who tried to make their students talk in class would be to some extent unfortunate for their lessons would be boring for 90 percent of over 80 students in the same class who have English as Foreingn Language and who have not mastered a great deal of their L2 – Portuguese. The information posted here is helpful to keep me ever renewed in my career.

  4. Nat Tod says:

    A really useful post! Thank you very much!

  5. Gashsw says:

    I an English teacher in Ethiopia .please how can i use dictation for improving writing skills in TEFL to to teach.

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