The Main Reasons For Lesson Plans

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  1. Neil Barker says:

    I’ve had a love-hate relationship with lesson plans. I used to write my lesson plans as meeting agendas for my Business English students. I do see the value in writing & maintaining lesson plans, but I think lesson plans also narrow some teachers’ thinking — mine included.

  2. @Neil Barker
    I agree with you. A lesson plan is just a project of a lesson written down on a piece of paper. It doesn’t reall tell us how the lesson delivery will take place. A lot of improvisation and unpredictable events occur. So teachers will undoubtedly need to use their own imagination and creativity to teach in addition to the lesson plan they have at hand!

  3. Josephat monene says:

    lesson plan is good as it enables the teacher to be systhematic,organised and intills confidence further it helps to identify the best teaching methods.

  4. moses says:

    good reasons for the lesson plan and this have helped me so much to compile my assignment

  5. christin chisha says:

    i rely love planning before teaching, and this has helped me to be effective in my teaching. but my friends in the staffroom usually laugh at me when writing a lesson plan. they normally tease me saying are you on teaching practice? why writing a lesson every day? you have not gained experience in the eight years teaching the same things?

  6. Abdulrahim Kargbo says:

    I need more reasons to justify the need of a lesson note

  7. wow ,it was so enjoying reading your article and hope ll use your ideas whenever i prepare one

  8. Nyaliech Ben says:

    Am now joining the teaching proffession, I admire the issue of preparing lesson plan

  9. ndururani says:

    what an important document

  10. honest says:

    its really a good thing to do,it become easy for a teacher to deliver his/her lesson.

  11. okereke says:

    ls highly informative

  12. Chiwala Chanda says:

    I have really learnt a lot as a student teacher

  13. stanley munyenyembe says:

    this is really helping it has helped me alot as a student teacher. please keep up on that same spirit of teaching others

  14. Tahera says:

    superb and Only brilliant reasons / Motivation for lesson planning.

    A teacher with viby EQ plans for inner self satisfaction. the lesson planning is manifestation of more than organization and confidence in the classroom…. It reflects the vibrant energies and professionalism that inspires great Teachers and fabulous strategies in the classroom.
    the lesson plan and it’s magical wand… Is a showcase of teacher zeal and capabilities… And more and more

  15. Shakes says:

    Thank U

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