The Dogme Approach to Language Teaching

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  1. Udin says:

    Interesting article. But I got the feeling that the teacher adopting this approach will have to have high creativity, much practical training and experience in teaching.

    Udin (Indonesia)

  2. buy ebooks says:

    I think this approach is very effective in enhancing the creativity of not only the students but of the teacher himself. This will also create a better communication between the participants. Great article!

  3. Teacher says:

    Thanks for your enormous effort. I am an English teacher and I want to ask a question: Does anyone have any idea about CELTA??
    Thanks another time,

  4. Hi Smaili,

    Here is a link of interest to you:

  5. Teacher says:

    Hi Rhalmi
    thanks for your reply, but I do not see any links.

  1. April 5, 2017

    […] advantages and disadvantages to DOGME beyond the few I mentioned. There’s a great article here that goes into more detail if you’d […]

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