Ten Hints for Lesson Plans

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  1. Ben says:

    as of HINT 3, im considering how to varify the types of activities appropriately. somehow, if we individualize the shy students from more able ones, will they be discouraged and make’em shier. would you share some depth advises on this issue?

  2. Hi Ben,
    The idea is that learners differ in their learning styles. What might work for a student may not work for another. Teachers should assess the learning styles of their students and adapt their classroom methods to best fit each student’s learning style. Some students are visual and will learn better if they were presented graphs, pictures… Other students are kinesthetic. They prefer using their body, hands and sense of touch. Aural students prefer sound and music. Some students are intrapersonal and do better when they work in groups or other people… The list is still long.

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