Teaching large classes: problems and suggested techniques

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  1. Zaza says:

    Thanks a lot for this blog which is really interesting and very useful.Actually, we really suffer from this problem – large classes – in some parts of Morocco,if not in most parts of it . An example of this is the Delegation of Settat. As an English teacher who has spent twenty years teaching EFL,I really miss those days when we used to teach group-hours.Now it’s different of course. Today the teacher finds himself/herself trapped between two constraints . On the one hand, there is that system of large class sizes imposed by the authority.On the other hand, that lack of interest on the part of the majority of students makes things worse.Please tell me how can one teach a foreign language in a class of 50 students ? This is NONESENSE man !!!!
    Thank you again and keep up the good work ..

  2. Dias Laissa says:

    Thanks alot for the post, actually, i found it helpful! In my country large classes is common in almost all provinces and this seems not to have an immediate solution!

  3. Toktam says:

    Hello, I am an English teacher, I suffer from this problem. Your article is so useful.

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