Teachers worst enemies!

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  1. Lind says:

    Good list. I’d add overly prescriptive assessment criteria from exam boards and having to ‘teach to the test’.

  2. Thanks for reminding us of the issue of tests. I recently appreciated a discussion in Kalinago about whether or not marks can ever be motivating to learners. I think you’re right about the danger of teaching to the test!

  3. Arbi Mchiche says:

    Dear Mohammed,
    Thanks for the list. No doubt, such a list can’t be exhaustive and I believe every teacher may come out with a new enemy that we, perhaps, haven’t had the chance to meet before. It just might be lurking somewhere within or outside of us.
    PERFECTIONISM is another enemy I want to add to your list. When a teacher wants everything he does or his students do to be perfectly perfect, this becomes a stressful problem. Teachers should cohabit with imperfection and consider it an integral part of both the learning and teaching processes. Much of teaching and learning is a trial and error dialectic; so we must develop a tolerance of both teachers’ and students’ pitfalls!

    Best regards,

  1. October 8, 2010

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