Teachers back to school

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  1. Arbi Mchiche says:

    Hello fellow chalker,

    You’re certainly right to compare our somewhat tedious job to Sisyphus’ eternal meaningless and exhausting task. However, we do differ a lot from the unlucky Sisyphus in the sense that we found ourselves carrying chalk and incessantly delivering talk after a predetermined choice. Another equally important difference, is that our lives within the classrooms are not completely void of meaning. We do sometimes succeed illuminating some of our students. We even manage to help them find their way and ultimately accept life as it is while still be willing to be agents of change.

    By the way, may you accept my most heart-felt congratulations on your wonderfully designed and content rich website. I will certainly be using a lot of your suggested activities with my students. Thank you for the great job. You’re a Titan in the Moroccan ELT scene;-) I’m proud of you, man!

    Best regards,
    Arbi Mchiche

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