Situational Language Teaching (Oral Approach)

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8 Responses

  1. nastaran says: realy helped me out.i’ve already read richards and rogers but yours was more useful 4me.

  2. patrick james obonyo says:

    your work has been tremendeous, especially in my reseach process. May U be guided further!

  3. girmatamiru says:

    I need further explanations on situational language teaching

  4. annisa fitrah sarah says:

    Hey , I’m confused, can you tell me what is differences of oral Aprroach and situational languange teaching AND audiolingual method,please help me, thanks before 😉

  5. jafar says:

    the difference between ALM and SLT

  6. negar says:

    Plz more explain about compare of audio-lingual & oral approach.thanks

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