Robert Gagné’s nine events of learning

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  1. In thinking about my own classroom teaching style, I seem to do most of these steps in one way or another for my test-prep classes, which seem ideally suited for these 9 steps of learning. For example, today served as both a chance for new students to do Step 3 (Utilize prior learning) which returning students are in Steps 8 & 9 (Retention & Transfer)–they all took a 60-minute TOEFL reading test. It also seems to do Step 1 for everyone! 🙂

    Tomorrow we can then come together and do Step 7, talking about what was difficult, what they learning about their reading skills, testing skills, and the stress of the test in general.

  2. lizzie says:

    Wow I hav realy learnt wonderful thing from these 9 steps although still a teacher in the oven but by Gods grace will use them effectively. Thank you.

  3. Abdullah says:

    Good.very provided me more information what i knew.

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