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Complexity Theory 0

Complexity Theory and ELT

Complexity and ELT – Poster This is an interesting poster about complexity theory and ELT. Psoter about English Language Teaching and complexity theory Complexity and ELT – Willy C. Cardoso by Willy

Chaos theory 0

The chaos theory and language teaching

The chaos theory and language teaching The edge of chaos is a blog by Willy Cardoso about complex theory and language teaching. It was originally a Pecha Kucha presentation he gave he gave in...

Speaking Exchange 2

Speaking Exchange – An Idea Worth Sharing

Speaking Exchange – An Idea Worth Sharing This is a speaking exchange idea worth sharing. It is a tool involving students from Brazil to interact with English native speakers, a perfect win-win situation. Watch...

Khan Academy 0

Khan Academy

Khan Academy Khan Academy is popular for its videos distributed to help people learn. It is a non-profit educational organization created in 2006 by educator Salman Khan to provide: a free, world-class education for...

Warmer and lead-ins 1

Warmers and Lead-ins as Presentation Techniques

Warmers and Lead-ins Both warmers and lead-ins are activities used by teachers at the beginning of a lesson to create a positive atmosphere for learning. There is, however, a difference between warmers and lead-ins....

How to start your lesson? 4

How to start a lesson?

How to start a lesson? The beginning of a lesson is crucial because the most important part of a lesson occurs during the first five minutes. If the teacher manages to engage students right...

Classroom Management 0

Class Management: Everybody Makes Mistakes

Class Management Because every body makes mistakes, even experienced teachers, you mustn’t take it too personally. In the following article Mary Ellen Flannery makes a list of  five of the most common missteps and...

Mothers Day Card 0

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day Mother’s Day is celebrated in the United States and in many other countries on the second Sunday of May. List of materials Here is a list of materials about this celebration Larry...