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  1. Hi Mohammed,

    I’m Nick Cherkas and I work for the British Council in Morocco, aiming to reach teachers and learners.

    Will you be at the MATE Ouarzazate conference next week?


  2. Hi Nick,
    I’m sorry, I won’t be at the MATE conference. But I would be glad to know you. You can reach me on this blog or on My English Pages Website.

  3. Hello and salam

    your website is awesome! keep it up! i’m an English Language Teacher too and i wonder if i could link your pages to my site? thanks.

  4. hi Sara!
    I am pleased to know that you are an English teacher, too and thanks for visiting my website. As for your request, I’ll be pleased if you link my pages to your website!


  5. Violet says:

    I look throught your material, but I can’t find much material about Law and rule, crime. Could you please show us more information about that?

  6. muntasir says:

    Hi. Mr. Mohamed,
    I’ve just get in touch with your website. Really it is amazing. i hope all teachers of English language make most of their time to benefit from it. wishing you all the best.

  7. DjabalElNour says:

    Hi Mohammed!

    Im a brand new teacher, and fell upon your website inadvertandly; I must tell you that what you do both for the pupils and the teachers is amazing and you know how to get our attention. Really interesting, we learn a lot of things. I hope to have some exchanges on teaching skills.


  8. Dewirahisa says:

    I’m an English teacher in Indonesia.Frankly I say all you have here are very helpful for me.

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