Lesson Planning – Components of a lesson plan

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3 Responses

  1. elfarouk aliyu says:

    teaching and learning proces requires a very sound measures tha will enable it to be sucessiful. which has to do with a very good designed lesson plan.

  2. Tausif says:

    To run a lesson program and to be successful in teaching, some components are required. Such as the environment where the students will learn should be fresh and quiet. And another fact is to monitor the students on their lesson by giving them assignments or homework and to praise one if he is successful in doing it and also giving punishment and to make them realize of the benefits of learning English to those who do not do it. And by adopting the above measurements one can easily run a lesson plan on English. Thanks for sharing the thoughts, Rhalmi.

  3. Ladywill says:

    uum can I have any four components of a detailed lesson plan.


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