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  1. asem says:

    hello, i am asem an english teacher . i teach english here at arab school as a foreign language
    and i need to know how can i make agood test to test students in a curriculam designed in the light of communicative approach. in other words could you supply me with some criteria should be available in the mentioned tess.
    thany for your efforts

  2. Hi Asem glad to have you in our blog. Communicative tests are hard to design and evaluate. Yet it is interesting to note, given the state of EFL nowadays , that language testing should reflect the methodology you are using in your classroom. That is, if you are teaching according to the communicative approachn your tests should be communicatively designed.
    The bottom line of communicative tests is that they should test appropriateness rather than mere production of (inappropriate) grammatical sentences.

    1.Communicative tests may be context specific. That is a test for a group of business learners may differ from a test designed for university students
    2.Testees must respond to real life situations.
    3.Some criteria for communicative tests may be related to the degree of politeness , formality, …
    4.It is inevitable that the evaluation of communicative tests may be subjective as it is difficult to distinguish right from wrong responses in real life situations
    5.Performance in communicative tests reflects an underlying comptence that is linguistic, sociolinguistic, pragmatic, strategic…
    6.Any communicative testing should consider this multi-dimensional nature of language

    Examples of communicative tests may include:

    1.Information gap. This involves two (or more) learners. Each testee has part of the information. They have to negotiate in order to get the missing information. A clear context must be specified for the test.
    2.Letter writing. Leraners may be asked to write, for example, a buisiness letter to ask for information or to respond to a complaint by a customer
    3.Note taking. Testees are involved in a listening activity in which they have to take notes and, for example, write a report

    These are just some examples of course.
    I hope I have answered your question Asem:)

  3. leandre brou says:

    I did appreciate your article thank you for that .I now know more about the different approaches to testing. However I would like to know if there is discrepancy between integrative tests and communicative testing . Leandre brou

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