How we teach and how they learn?

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  1. Rachid ED DALI says:

    It’s really amazing.Nevertheless, you did not take developing countries into account. Most teachers have got at least forty students in their classrooms. This means that teachers’ concerns are to take control over their students. This means that providing such tasks will, certainly, be a failure. Do you have any ideas, please?

  2. It is true that there are so many constraints that hinder successful teaching and learning. One of these constraints is, as you have rightly mentioned, overcrowded classrooms. Still I think that giving opportunity for learners to take responsiblilty for their learning, giving them the chance to fail and then to try again and again is the best way for them to learn…One of the advantages of this approach is to reduce the teaching load and to allow the teacher to guide , monitor, help and scaffold the learning process.

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