How to teach the past perfect

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  1. Christopher says:

    am really enjoy this lesson it was so good me teach us more

  2. Mohammad Al Zain says:

    it is very useful.I need more.

  3. shakti says:

    nice .

  4. court dube says:

    its a wonderfull lesson ,hope you will teach us more

  5. abdelkhalek says:

    it’s really a good and very useful lesson..I need more of such lessons.

  6. MOSES says:

    Like Oliver Twist I ask for more.

  7. Ken says:

    it is a very good way to teach the past perfect, but instead of starting with sentences one can start with an audio of someone narrating what happened!!! but Thanks 🙂

  8. Jane says:

    Thank you for the detailed lesson. Pedagogically, it flowed well. I especially liked the last section where you get pupils to look at the 3 sentences and they are to discover the differences between them. That is inductive teaching – very useful for the higher progress pupils.

  9. Mohammed,

    I like how you start by giving contexualized examples of the past perfect by relating it to real world situations. Like you said, timelines can show students how the past perfect focuses on a completed action happening before another past action. In a sense, using the past perfect helps to show the order of past actions for the listener or the reader.

    Your lesson on teaching the past perfect has given me some ideas for a lesson that I want to create for my Online TOEFL Course students at .

    Thanks for sharing!

    Michael (

  10. clarane yhane says:

    very nice ,please keep me posted

  11. just good thanks for sharing

  12. Namra says:

    very well

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