How to teach prepositions of place?

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7 Responses

  1. Sacha Bellinger says:

    OMG!! This is such a great lesson. I’m going to use today with my 2 students. Thanks!

  2. Diana Shinde says:

    Good lesson plan. I will implement in class.

  3. Arshad Khan says:

    I think its very helpful for the teachers.

  4. sergio says:

    very helpful

  5. Li says:

    I have been teaching a few years now and sometimes I still like to have a reminder or some useful input from other teachers. Love this plan, I will use it as part of my teacher notes when delivering this class next week. Thank you.

  6. Shabnam says:

    A beautiful interactive plan to teach prepositions. Students play an active part.

  7. lahcen says:

    a very good lesson plan. I will keen to use it. Thank you.

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