Explicit or implicit grammar teaching?

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  1. Lynda says:

    I really like what you had to say and agree with you. Also you might want to check your spelling of *detrimantal* I believe it is detrimental.

  2. Thank you Lynda for your comment. The “detrimental” mistake was fixed 🙂

  3. Adou says:

    hi dear colleague,
    I think I share your views as regards the “explicit/implicit” grammar teaching contoversy, especially that you hold a balanced view which would opt for a variety of the two methods. In fact, one has to oscilate between the two every now and then within the same lesson. However, I do believe that opting for one method rather than the other depends much on what level and for what purpose you are teaching English.
    Good luck

  4. I agree with you. It is wise not to be dogmatic about methods. Every situation needs specific teaching practices depending on students needs, teaching goals, language points, number of students, level of students and other factors…

  5. Would you rather be taught how to properly cross a busy street or find out through trial and error? Explanation and exploration need to be part and parcel of the learning process.

    I’ve just completed an article citing 21 assumptions that most of us make with respect to teaching grammar and then I follow with 4 simple steps that ensure you are teaching a balanced and effective grammar program. I would love to read your readers’ reactions. Find the article at http://penningtonpublishing.com/blog/grammar_mechanics/how-to-teach-grammar/.

  6. @Mark Pennington
    I have never been taught how to cross a busy street and I can assure you that I cross the street pretty well. I agree with you though that teaching grammar is important. However, I think that grammar rules are important as long as they serve language use. I also think that when students try to find out the rules (even through trial and error 🙂 ) by themselves, They will effectively acquire the system.

  7. adly says:

    Pretty nice article. Implicit or explicit way of teaching grammar. it depends about lots of imposed factors and conditions.
    plz continue

  8. Ishola Farooq says:

    Thanks for this write ups. Please could you give me the new modern methods of teaching grammar? thanks in anticipation.

  9. George Steed says:

    I tutor Polish HS students in ESL. Upon finishing HS most students take the Matura tests. They cover the academic materials learned in the past four years. The English test changes but is usually concerned with British grammar. So? Explicit or Implicit? I encourage students to read English in all forms on a daily basis. We often go through a page of text noting vocabulary, grammar, and semantic examples.

  10. lamya says:

    I totally agree with the fact that learners must discover grammar instead of learning rules by heart…. but I rally need some examples of the way we can teach grammar in such way thnx 🙂

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