Ten Tips for Exam Success You Absolutely Need to Consider

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  1. saidani miloudi says:

    Eleventh tip for success

    Never think of cheating

  2. If ever you get your bac
    Never dream of the work-fac
    But the broom and a crooked back

  3. In regards to #6 (Sleep & relaxation), I have found that some students “over-study”–where they try to cram too much learning into their day–while other students relax too much!

    Have you found any information on what makes a good balance between study and relaxation?

    I tell my students that they shouldn’t study anything longer than 2 hours without at least a 30-minute break.

    Also, I tell my students and for the week before Test Day, they should sleep more, to ‘build up’ their energy reserves for what might be a sleepless night the night before the Test. When I took the GRE, I only slept an hour the night before because I was so worried about oversleeping; luckily, I had been going to bed early all week, so I wasn’t completely exhausted when I took the test the next day.

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