Content Based Instruction

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  1. Rob Dickey says:

    Good try. But I’m afraid most scholars of content-based language instruction (short, CBI) would suggest that you have “sheltered model” and “adjunct” model somewhat confused.

    “Sheltered model” can be used at any level of instruction, where the content-learning objectives are “watered down” because of the need to work on language as well. In a sheltered-instruction course the content aim is less “mastery of the content” than “mastery of the learning skills related to learning the content.” Thus students in sheltered instruction wouldn’t learn as much content as those in mainstream courses, but they would (hopefully) be able to catch up over time.

    “Adjunct model” is a supplement to a regular course. The students sit in the regular course with mainstream students, but also have an adjunct class separate from mainstream students. This “adjunct” session is designed to help them perform alongside the mainstream students. The adjunct class focuses more on the language issues related to the content instruction – can include notetaking skills and essay writing along with vocabulary and grammar issues, but also reviews the content of the regular course both as the source for the language instruction and to provide additional tutorial support on the content material.

    Hope this helps. See any of the materials by Brinton or Snow for more. Lots of other writers out there too! (even me)

  2. Shokoofeh says:

    Please put other methods as well… Thanks a lot… best wishes for you…

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