Communicative Language Teaching (The Communicative Approach)

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8 Responses

  1. ZULU BERNARD says:

    i found this page very interesting in the way you explained the artical [lease continue helping us through Google.

  2. espoir says:

    Thanks a lot for these interesting information :)….Can you help me?I need a short video explaining the condditional 3 using the CLT method…thanks everybody :)

  3. Hussain says:

    Very useful page. I’ve got almost the most important concepts and principles related to this method. Thank you .

  4. Mary says:

    Brilliant and a very comprehensible, to the point explanation. Thank you.

  5. azam says:

    thank you

  6. Nelle says:

    This is very comprehensive yet brief, precise and clear. Thabk you author!

  7. Tasneem says:

    A well written and comprehensive article covering relevant information on

  8. Isaac says:

    A brilliant summary touching on all the main and relevant aspects in language teaching approaches and syllabus design. Language is simplified and crystal clear in presentation.

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